I always try my best as a fitness coach and instructor to give as much help as I possibly can to those who are just beginning their bodybuilding workout. It can be really tough and even discouraging to some beginners when they first start out.

The reason why it can be difficult for beginners when it comes to bodybuilding is because they often feel overwhelmed with the amount of information there is out there about what works best for the best results, the list of advice goes on and on. My advice to you is just remember that half of the battle is getting started and do your best to avoid trying to take in far too much information at one time. See, the sooner you get into the gym and actually start using the weights the quicker you’re going to see some results.

Here are a few tips that I feel if you follow closely you should be able to get a good start with your bodybuilding workout. If you follow this advice chances are you will be taking the first step to success when it comes to bodybuilding.

Tip One – Just Focus on Adding More Weight Over Time

The most important tip I can give you about bodybuilding is that you don’t need to start off with heavy weights in the beginning. The biggest difference on your rate of muscle gain is your patience in adding more weight as you progress.

It won’t matter how many of those fancy principles you’ve read about and you try to use in your bodybuilding workout, if you don’t properly add weight over months at a time, not right from the start. Using a lot of weight in the very beginning is not going to help you build muscle.

All the fancy protocols you may have read about will definitely have an advantage for you, but these are for much further down the road in your bodybuilding plans. Things like drop sets, supersets and so on do help increase your body’s potential, but they should only be done intermittently when you simply can’t lift anything heavier.

Tip Two – Do One Rep Short of Failure

Another key tip to always remember when it comes to bodybuilding is the rule on failing. There are some who believe that lifting to failure each set is the best way to build your muscle. In other words in order to get your muscle to grow is to totally exhaust the muscle.

Even though it may be true that you need to push your muscles past their comfort level to be able to see progress, there are a number of issues you can run into when you lift to failure.

The main issue is the issue of central nervous system fatigue. Doing this type of lifting can be extremely draining on your central nervous system. After a few weeks of this kind of lifting, you could find it nearly impossible to lift any amount of weight because your CNS is just totally exhausted.

The second issue is that going with total failure attitude you do this on your first exercise and quite often you won’t be able to do a second or third rep for the exercise.

My advice is to aim to go one to two reps just short of failure. This will get you to push your body hard and work at a high intensity level that’s needed in bodybuilding to build muscle. But, it doesn’t totally destroy you so that you can’t come back the next time and workout.

Tip Three – Only Do Exercises That Work at Least Two Muscle Groups at Once

Another really good tip for bodybuilding is to try to focus on only compound exercises in your workout. Remember, you only have a limited amount of time that you can spend in the gym and if you waste your time on exercises that only work one or two smaller muscle groups then you are not maximizing your time properly.

The rule of thumb here is for 80% of your workout you should perform those exercises that work on two muscle groups at a time and then do others for the remaining 20% of your time.

Tip Four – Make Sure to Fuel Your Body Before and After Your Workout

It’s very important that you give your body fuel before your bodybuilding workout and then right after your workout. If you fail to give your body the amino acids that it needs to grow more muscle mass or give it the energy it needs to function, all the weight lifting in the world isn’t going to work. Just like a car, your body needs fuel to run, end of discussion.

Tip Five – Never Go Over Two Weeks Without a Change in Your Workout

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, you will reach a plateau during your bodybuilding workout. When you get to a point in your workouts where you feel like you’re not gaining any more muscles, then you’ve reached a plateau. This is why it’s important that you prevent this from actually happening.

In order to keep from reaching a plateau from happening it’s your job to make sure that you are always changing up your workout program. You can do this by changing the order of your exercises, the amount of rest you give yourself, the rep counts, or even the kind of exercises you’re doing. It’s important that you make these changes about every two weeks.

Tip Six – Remember Rest is a Must

This tip here is just as important as the first tip I’ve given you. You need to always remember that you need to give your body rest if you expect your bodybuilding workout to do any good. There are far too many people who make the mistake of simply training far too hard and way too often. By doing this, they don’t allow their body and muscles the time it needs to recover.

The ideal way to do it is to take one day off between each weight lifting workout that you have. However, if you want, you can do an upper/lower split that lets you work out at a greater frequency, then you just need to make sure that you have at least two complete days off from your bodybuilding workout.

When I say rest, I really mean rest, Your body needs it. However, if that doesn’t agree with you then I suggest that you do what’s known as active rest. This means a light walk or a relaxing swim on the days you’re not doing your workout.

Remember, if you try to push your body too hard during your days off, it’s going to hamper your bodybuilding progress.

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