If you are new to fitness, especially when it comes to weight training and muscle building, there’s no doubt you’ve heard about muscle milk. Things you’ve heard about it might be confusing when you are new to working out and that’s understandable. In this article my hope is to help you understand more about muscle milk, why it’s used and what the benefits are for those who use it.

Why is Muscle Milk Used?

First off, muscle milk is a high-protein meal replacement supplement. Because it replaces meals quite often, it might not be good for everyone since there could be medical reasons why a person shouldn’t skip real meals for a supplement, so make sure you talk to your doctor first before using any supplement such as muscle milk.

This type of supplement is very popular with moderate to advanced bodybuilders and other athletes because it helps them gain more muscle weight with very little fat gain at the same time. This is one of the main reasons why people who are really into fitness will often turn to muscle milk to help them add muscle during their workouts.

Can Cause Weight Gain

Muscle milk can help a person gain weight, but for those who participate a lot in sports of all types or bodybuilding, they want to gain the right kind of weight through proper training and the right supplements. The reason why muscle milk can add weight is because it is high in calories. One serving can contain 300 calories. This is why it’s recommended that people who want to include it in their diet that they consume it before they work out, after they work out, and then one serving prior to bed. This means that you shouldn’t go past 900 calories total when including muscle milk in your fitness program.

Reduces Oxidative Damage

Even though exercise has a ton of benefits that will help your overall health, it can also have a negative effect that can cause what’s known as oxidative stress. This kind of stress can actually damage your cells, however, this can be offset by antioxidants. Muscle milk is a supplement that contains vitamins E, C, and A and all of these vitamins are antioxidants. Another item contained in muscle milk is taurine and this is also considered an antioxidant.

Improves Exercise Performance

The taurine found in muscle milk is also thought to help prolong exercise which means there’s improvement in your endurance when exercising. Along with taurine you’ll find different forms of carbohydrates that include glucose and fructose. When these two carbs are combined they often will help improve your performance as well.

Fat Burning

Even though muscle milk is most often used for gaining more muscle, it can also for some be beneficial in helping to burn fat. The reason for this is because it is high in protein and this protein can help you increase your metabolic rate. Once your metabolic rate is faster it’s easier to lose fat. On top of that it contains medium chain triglycerides and this too can often help to promote fat loss.

Comes in Great Flavors

One great thing about muscle milk is that you can actually find a lot of great tasting flavors to choose from so it’s definitely not boring like a lot of other supplements you may have tried in the past. Some of the great flavors you can enjoy include Banana Creme, Red Velvet Cake, German Chocolate Cake, and Strawberries n’ Creme. Another great thing about it is that it’s totally free of lactose so anyone can drink it.

Contains Nitrogen

Another great compound found is nitrate and this nitrate is transformed by the body into nitrite. Nitrite is what the body needs to make nitric oxide. This in turn helps to increase your blood flow, improves your digestive system and can also lower your blood pressure.

Contains Branched Chained Amino Acids

Muscle milk also contains what’s known as BCAA or branched chained amino acids. These amino acids help to prevent any muscle wasting and instead helps to increase your muscle mass and reduces belly fat. It also helps to reduce the buildup of any lactic acid in your body so there’s less incidence of any delayed onset muscle soreness. BCAA’s can also improve your insulin sensitivity which means your body is able to burn fat better and faster and this helps you to decrease your overall body fat.

Blends Why and Casein Milk Proteins

Probably one of the biggest pros for muscle milk is that it blends together whey and casein milk proteins. Whey protein is fast digesting and it helps you get needed amino acids into your system quicker. Casein is the opposite and is released slower into the body. This then gives you a steady stream of amino acids for many ours after consuming. This type of dietary blend is one that gives you the best of both worlds and it prevents catabolism and will stimulate more muscle growth.

Muscle Milk Cons

As good as this supplement sounds, no matter how good something is, there’s always going to be cons that come along with and muscle milk is no different. One of the key cons that comes with it is that there is the potential for gaining weight and if you’re not careful it could be weight where you don’t want it to be. For people who are prone to easily gaining weight, muscle milk may not be the ideal supplement for them to be consuming.

There is also an ingredient called crystalline fructose that can cause stomach upsets. This is because some people can’t digest this type of fructose very well. If they have issues with it, it can cause gas, stomach cramps and even diarrhea. If you have no tolerance for this type of fructose, muscle milk should be avoided.

If you are suffering from any kind of kidney disease or disorder you may want to avoid it also because people with kidney disease have difficult processing protein and muscle milk has a lot of protein in it and it should be avoided.

I hope this information helps you better understand what muscle milk is, it’s benefits and who should and shouldn’t consume it.

Written by john

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